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Beyonce Buy Jay Z A $40 Million 850 Bombardier Challenger Private Jet on Fathers day

That's if MediaTakeOut is to be believed. Here's how they are reporting it:

Jay Z celebrated his first ever Father's Day with his wife Beyonce. So what could she give him...he already has multiple homes, multiple cars, tons of expensive jewelry.

Well a insider tells us that Beyonce bought Jay Z the true baller gift...a private jet!!!
According to our snitch, Bey bout her Hip Hop Mogul hubby a brand new Bombardier Challenger 850. The jet, we're told cost about $40 million. It has a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom  and two full bathrooms.

Dang, Jay and By are taking things to a whole 'NOTHER level!!
Talk about smashing all the father’s day gifts out there. Beyonce reportedly went out and bought Jay Z a  private jet plane for a rumored 40 million dollars.  Going over the top, hell yes, and it shows us how ridiculous the lives of celebrities are and why we continue to live in such an unbalanced world. African Americans often blame Caucasians for their struggles in life, but the same African Americans that is able to make it to the top and be secured financially and living a wealthy lifestyle refuse to donate money to improving their “hoods”  and communities in uplifting and provide hope in changing the statistical negative issues. 

Beyonce throws 40 million dollars in purchasing a material product for her husband when that kind of money would be better used and be more of an investment into a deserving, poverish neighborhood that would show value over decades in a neighborhood versus a private plane, which depreciates in value. According to reports, the private plane Beyonce purchased for Jay Z is said to come with its own living room, kitchen,  bedroom and has two full bathrooms.

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