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BBA STARGAME UPDATE:Goldie Forgives and Forgets Prezzo

Straight from the horse’s mouth came the words: “I have forgiven him but I have also forgotten him.” This was Goldie’s response to Big Brother after he asked about the status of her relationship with Prezzo.

Never did we think that a day would come when the overly clingy Goldie would actually consider parting ways with Prezzo but today it looks like that day has finally dawned. Every woman has a breaking point and it looks like Goldie has finally reached hers. “There’s no point of thinking about him,” said the Nigerian.

It seemed that the biggest issue for the singer was her man’s habit of reminding her of all the things that he has done for her whenever they dispute. “If the day that you are not too happy you are going to count how many times you have bought me perfume, then why do you bother doing it?” she asked Biggie rhetorically.

“The songstress also did not hold back her tongue as she lambasted Prezzo’s tendency to label people with ugly names including her. “No I don’t take that because I don’t give it. For me it’s a wrap.” Whoa… is this really the same fragile woman that had a hysterical fit after Prezzo told her that they were friends?

Earlier in the day the musician sang a medley of songs about breaking free from love.Guess the saying is true when a woman is fed up there's nothing you can do about it.

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