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2 Nigerian Gay Pastors Caught Having Sex in a Hotel room in Lagos

Two suspected gay pastors, Prince Ejimole, 26, and Lawrence Udo, 25, have been arrested and charged to court after they were allegedly caught having sex in a hotel room at Ijeshatedo, Lagos State, southwest Nigeria.

They are facing charges of having carnal knowledge of each other against the order of nature before the presiding Magistrate, Mrs A. O. Awogboro.
The pastors were arrested at a popular hotel at Ijeshatedo where it was alleged they usually lodged to have sex with each other.
Sources at the hotel said the duo usually lodged in the hotel under the guise of praying.
They were arrested after Pastor Ejimole and Udo allegedly lured another member of the congregation, Chidiebere Mozie, who needed prayers to the hotel. But they allegedly forced  him to have sex with them.
Mozie alleged that when they got into the hotel room, Pastor Ejimole started sucking his breast and was pulling out his penis as well to penetrate into his anus.
He raised the alarm that attracted the hotel management who had allegedly been suspicious of their activities.
The management contacted the police at Ijeshatedo division who arrested them and took them to the station.
A four-count charge of conspiracy, unlawful carnal knowledge, etc. was slammed on them.
The first count reads: “That you, Prince Ejimole and Lawrence Udo on the same date, time and place did have carnal knowledge of each other against the order of nature.”
The second count reads: “That you, Pastor Prince Ejimole on the same date, place and time did gross indecency by sucking Chidiebere Mozie’s breast, attempting to suck his penis and having carnal knowledge of him.

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  1. Na wo so people nowaday go around gaying in the name of Praying ,i hate those men, why are they so foolish, if you go to church they are those that are against gayism but they still they the devil their self.i hate em with passion.

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