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He blames and abuses me for his HIV status

I HAVE been married for six years. When we first met my husband was kind and compassionate and treated me like a queen. We have a 10-year-old son. I thought I was the luckiest person alive.

Three years ago he dropped a bombshell by telling me he was HIV positive. He found this out when he went for a test to get insurance. I tested and was negative. When I asked if he had cheated on me, he said he hadn't. He said he had probably been positive when we met. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and insisted on our using condoms from then on.
Then I noticed that his family treated me differently. We were at his sister's house and she would not let me help with the food.
When I insisted, she screamed at me that I had Aids, that I had infected her brother and that she would not allow me to infect anyone else. I was shocked and denied it. She insisted that I was lying and that everyone knew what I had done.
When my husband and I spoke about it, he said he was convinced I was positive and had probably paid someone to give me a certificate to the contrary. I said I would go for another test to prove I was negative and that he should come with me to prove that I was not lying.
He called me names and eventually beat me up. Unfortunately, my son witnessed the fights at his aunt's and at home. Now he will not speak to me. In fact, no one in the family is speaking to me. Now it appears that he has also lied to our friends.
No one will listen to my side of the story. I went for another test and gave him the results and he tore the paper into pieces. He smacked me and gave me two black eyes.
My whole world is in pieces and I feel as if the only solution is to kill myself. How could this have happened to me? I have never treated anyone badly and I certainly have never cheated on my husband. In fact, he is the only man I have ever been with

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  1. Wat d heck is ur problem woman??? U wanna kill urself cos of a bastard u re married to??? If u know wats good for u leave him and take ur kid away before he kills u or worse rapes u so u get infected. Don't be so stupid as to stay wit an animal or u ll pay for it wit ur life.



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