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Man Marries Mother-in-law After Death Of Wife

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA man and his mother-in-law defied all social norms and got married two years after the death of the late’s wife,Metro News report
Judah Magarasadza’s wife Rozie Gopoza died in 2008 and two months later his mother-in-law Felistus Gopoza came to his life.

The two loved each other until they were wedded in 2010.On a sad note ,both the families of these norm and religious law breakers refused to attend their reception.
From 2010 to December last year, the two were living as husband and wife. In 2010 ,the man died but the woman was barred from the from the funeral by her husband’s relatives who vehemently told her that they did not recognise her relationship with their son.

“She was thrown out. Anyway who would blame them? They were very right in doing so. What kind of a relationship is that,” blasted the source.

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