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'Have sex or die!' - Gunman holds couple hostage

A man wearing a security guard uniform stormed into the hotel room of businessman Prosper Mkwaiwa and his wife Tina - and ordered them to make love in front of him or face the barrel.

After dilly-dallying, the two were shot in their right legs and were rushed to Legae Medi-Clinic in Mabopane, north of Pretoria, where they are recuperating. The incident happened at the Morula Sun Casino in Mabopane on Friday night.
Speaking from his hospital bed, Mkwaiwa says he was lying on the bed in the hotel room waiting for Tina, who was with her friends in another room. He says after a few minutes Tina waltzed into the room with another man wearing a security uniform. "I thought the guy was escorting her because he followed her into the room but I was wrong," he says. Mkwaiwa says the man closed the door, drew his firearm and ordered Tina to lie prostrate on the cold floor. He said the man, speaking both isiZulu and Sepedi, pointed the gun at him and told him he was going to kill him and his wife and then turn the gun on himself.
"I asked him 'what is the problem? Do you want money? Tell us so we can sort you out and you can leave us alone'. "He then took the magazine out and said 'you see I'm removing other bullets from the magazine and only three will remain in it. One is for you, one for her and one for me'. "I pleaded with him not kill us and tell us what it is that we had done to him.
"He simply said 'I know who you are, guys, that's why I came here for you'," says Mkwaiwa, who is sporting a shiner. Tina, who was lying on a bed next to her hubby's at the hospital, interjected: "He said 'I want you guys to make love in front of me'. Imagine me undressing and making love to my husband in front of him! I was so scared. That man is sick upstairs. Why would somebody do that to us? We don't have enemies," she said, crying hysterically. Mkwaiwa, who was staring into the air as Tina was relating her version, also interrupted: "You know this man held us hostage for about an hour as we pleaded with him not to kill us.
"But as I was talking to him he kept on moving the gun from his left hand to his right one and then from the right to left one. It's like it was too heavy for him.
"When he repeated that we should make love in front of him, I jumped and grabbed the hand that was holding the gun. A bullet went out and hit her in the leg. He then turned the gun towards me and shot me twice in my right leg," he says, grimacing.
Mkwaiwa says he eventually wrenched the gun from the assailant. "He then hit the glass door with his head and disappeared. "I'm glad I rescued my wife and we are both alive. "You can imagine what could have happened if I hadn't grabbed the gun from him. He would have probably shot and killed us," he says. Mkwaiwa says they were rushed to the clinic in an ambulance called by the hotel management.

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