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Re: LASTMA Official's Death: Yinka Johnson (The Banker) Released


Over the weekend, the news broke that Stanbic IBTC Banker Yinka Johnson had been accused of murdering a LASMA Official, Hammed Balogun.

Over the last few days, eye witnesses came forward with photo evidence that illustrated that Yinka Johnson did not kill Hammed Balogun. Yinka has now been released and the murder case will not be pursued. She will be fined for violating the traffic rules by driving on a one-way road (the reason why the LASMA officials stopped her car).

According to BN sources, photographs showing the accused’s undamaged car (the car was impounded by LASMA), photos showing the accused was on the other side of the road when the deceased was killed and finally, a video showing a green and white MOLUE bus running down the officer and speeding off were amongst vital pieces of evidence that cleared Yinka Johnson.

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