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A Must Read -- My dad Almost Killed Me For Calling My Mom A Bitch.

My dad Almost Killed Me For Calling My Mom A Bish.

Allegedly this young man got into an argument with his mother and ended up calling her a b#tch.

His father finds out about it and beats the brakes off the young man to teach him a lesson about disrespecting his mother. Some blogs even state the father beat him with a baseball bat.  But i’m quite positive the damage would be much more severe if that was the case. That swelling was done with his father’s bare knuckle’s.

The young man allegedly posted the photo to his Facebook page claiming that he should have called the police for child abuse on his father, but states that he learned his lesson and should have never said such a mean thing to his mother.

The question here is did his father go too far?

Thousands of people have responded to the story throughout various blogs and most don’t feel as though the father went too far.

On one particular board, a young man states that his father did the same thing to him about two years ago.

He writes:
I got into it with my mom over my cell getting taken away about three years back. I think I called her a bitch or something like that. She was really hurt by it and cried. When my dad found out about what I said and making her cry, he went off on me like an atom bomb.
But the response to the boy admitting his dad dog walked him is priceless.

A female wrote:

Your father is a wonderful man.
I mean, I’m sorry you got beat up… but he’s done such a favour to womankind! Sometimes it takes things like that to teach someone a lesson, and you clearly learned the lesson well.
I think parents are too slack on their kids nowadays… I think in a lot of cases parents are AFRAID of their children, as terrible as that sounds.
Good for your dad, I wish more people recognized the importance of respect.
Looking at the young man’s face his dad definitely went too far.  He would have been better off punching him in the stomach, chest or other conspicuous areas..(not too much that will kill him. lol)

The child looks like he’s been beaten by a bully at school who hates him. You don’t beat your child in the face like you hate him.  Way too gruesome..  I can’t imagine my son calling me a b#tch.. I would definitely slap the mess out of him.

Then again a child calling a parent such a name to her face speaks directly to the type of relationship a child has with his mother.. Most kids would never do such a thing..  The child could just be a misbehaved juvenile or his mother could very well be a bish..

The greatest lesson here is that people are forever telling you to not be affected by words. Words are just descriptions of the way people feel about you. But the truth is words actually hurt.

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