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My Fiancee Cheated: Do I Continue With Marriage Plans?

Kindly advise this guy below, read his ordeal:

I and my fiancee have been in a relationship for about four yrs now.She is 27. We actually met in the university. We have had some good and tough periods typical of any relationship. However, in the last two yrs we have not really been very close to each other due to our personal engagements. First, i traveled abroad for my masters after my nysc and spent about 1.2yrs there. And she is currently undergoing her NYSC in one of the northern states.

However, an incident occurred just yesterday. My fiancee is supposed to come to lagos where i reside to write a test. Even though she could still have written the test in Abuja which is closer, she insisted on coming to lagos so as to see me thereafter. This i considered because we have not seen each other for the past three months.

Now, i called her yesterday and told her i was missing her. She laughed and asked me if there was something else i was missing or was i just missing her. I was shocked. Then she went on to say she wouldn't be intimate with me during her visit because she and her family will be having ''prayers'' and that she would want to keep herself ''on check.'' Then i asked, must it be during this period of your visit that you will start your family prayers, bearing in mind that we have not seen for long? Wouldn't it be proper you suggest to your family that the prayer date be fixed after your visit so as to enable you be on check?

I am not against her family prayer, but i feel this is more than a family prayer. My lady is not really a prayer and fasting type that's why i feel there is something else....could she be seeing someone??

Frankly speaking, i have been suspecting that she might be cheating on me for quite something now. Though i have no evidence to support my suspicion and there is no change in her character either. She remains the same. But i felt, being that we have not really been together for long there is higher propensity to cheat. I might be wrong though.

Now, the deed is done and she finally confessed of sleeping with a guy ''mistakenly''about four months ago.I couldn't just believe it. This is a woman i have spent 4 solid yrs with and we are currently talking marriage. How she descended to such degrading level is something that still baffles me.

We have passed through alot together and she was all that i wanted in a woman;Very patient, intelligent, understanding etc But i can't just stop thinking of what she did. She has apologised and sought for forgiveness which i did forgive her. But the thought of her cheating on me kept hunting me.

I am torn b/w continuing with the marriage plans or just quit the whole thing. But whenever i remember what we both passed through-all her supports, obedience, tolerance etc i can't just seem to arrive at any decision.

Will it be wise of me to continue with the marriage plans or should i just call quit the whole thing

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