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Man fondles mother-in-law's buttocks thinking its his wife's

A man from Bulawayo's National Railways of Zimbabwe Westgate compound is in trouble after he mistook his visiting mother-in-law for his wife and fondled her buttocks while drunk.

According to sources, the incident occurred on Unity Day. It is understood the man, Mr Tinashe Moyo (32), came home intoxicated and found his mother-in-law, Mrs Rosemary Ndiweni (48), doing the dishes.

He then stroked her buttocks.

He was convinced she was his wife despite her spirited attempts to stop him. The error only dawned on him when his wife, Thobekile, rushed to the kitchen after hearing her mother screaming for help.
In an interview last week, Mr Moyo confirmed the bizarre episode. He, however, refused to shed more light.

"I would rather not talk about that as my in-laws and I are yet to sit down and talk. All I can say is it was a mistake. I thought she was my wife.
"I have apologised to her many times. I hope she finds the strength to forgive me."

The mother-in-law, who was still visibly angry, said Mr Moyo had shown total disrespect.
"He must pay for what he did. I hope the elders deal with him severely. He might have been drunk, but that is no excuse for him to act like that.

"I want him to be punished for what he did. I want him to suffer like I did."

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