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EXCLUSIVE: real reason why Pope Benedict XVI resigned

Pope Benedict XVI also called Papal is the head of Catholic Church and by wide acceptance the head of General Overseers of Christian Churches announced to the world in something akin to Murder that he will be resigning from office on the last of this month.

The world has since gone gaga, however Talkcity in our usual analysis has investigated and found several reasons why the Pope chose this line of action. Remember that no Pope in history of the Church since 1414 years (About 650yrs after the death of Christ and about 50yrs after the bible was manufactured) has ever resigned. Pope post is Life and death, or so it seemed.

Our analysis showed that the Pope is leaving the office because of what Christianity has become. There have been allegations of abuse, rape, oath violation, election manipulation, etc in the Catholic Church today. Vatican has for awhile been in the bad press section of the media. The unreported complicit of this Pope in the whole saga bewildering the church has not made it any easier.

Meddling into church matters by global leaders under the covers of safe-guarding human right has made the job of Pope harder for Benedict XVI. Many presidents and Prime Ministers in the west have indirectly questioned the relevance of the church and have been trying everything to make the church subject to human laws (This is what the church would not in a second want to happen).

The Pope had enough when the British parliament endorsed a bill championed by the Prime Minister, David Cameron to allow gay couples marry in churches. Pope Benedict XVI knows the implication of this move as it open the floodgate for many other nations to pass gay-right-bill.

This Pope resigned because he won't want to be remembered as the Pope who was there when Gay couples marry in churches.

Following Pope Benedict's PDP-styled rigged election, many of us believed he will be the last Pope to effectively hold the church together. By this action it is now confirmed that, The Church has finally lost his strong monopoly in the world. 

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