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Sex is beautiful, dirty and messy - celebrities

SOME people think sex is complicated, some think it is messy, while others believe it to be one of the most beautiful wholesome and natural things God has created. We speak to celebrities to establish what they think about sex..

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 The problem with sex is that one night of fun can ruin your whole life 

Afro-pop singer and actor SPEEDY, whose only known relationship was with singer Kelly Khumalo, thinks sex is beautiful.
"It is the expression of love between two people who love and are committed to each other and respect each other. It is something that I will talk about to my children when I have them so that they can make good choices."
Multi-award winning DJ TIRA says he loves and treasures sex, but thinks it is something that must be respected because it can be dangerous.
"The problem with sex is that one night of fun can ruin your whole life. You have to be very careful. When I sleep with a woman it means she is really special because I only do it with someone I love. I have had girls throwing themselves at me asking for it, but because I respect myself I do not entertain their advances."
Sexy Live presenter BONANG MATHEBA, who recently broke up with her boyfriend Euphonik after he allegedly hit her, says sex is very beautiful and special and she enjoys it.
"Sex is the most amazing thing in the world. You need to have it with someone you love. Unfortunately, I do not have someone to do it with after I broke up with someone I was with for four and a half years."
Matheba's ex DJ EUPHONIK believes sex is overrated and unless you do it with someone you love, it has no real reward. "What makes sex worthwhile is who you are doing it with and the feelings you have for the person." Actress, musician and dancer KHABONINA QUBEKA says sex is one of the best things that God has created but feels people do not respect it. Qubeka, who is not dating at the moment, says people do not understand that sex is a spiritual thing that God created to connect people. "I love sex but at the moment I do not have someone to do it with but I will not go around looking for it. I respect it and I respect myself."
TV producer and philanthropist LUPI NGCAYISA says he has not had sex for "God knows how many years". He says he has even forgotten how it feels.
"If it is done within the perimeters of true love it is beautiful, but if not it can feel dirty."

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