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'Before our mum died, she couldn't recognise us' - P-Square open up

 As the entertainment world continues to mourn the death of the mother of Nigeria's singing Sensation, P-Square, the singers have revealed details of their mum's final moments.
In an interview with Encomium Magazine, Peter Okoye revealed:

"She has been diabetic for years and when it started many months back, we got good doctors to treat her in Jos. But when we couldn't get good results, we brought her to Lagos. We took her to St. Nicholas Hospital and everybody who went to see her in the hospital cried. She had lost a lot of weight and couldn't recognise us. She called me Jude. I can never forget that day. She went through a lot and gradually, she got stabilized. Thereafter she was moved to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and she spent two to three weeks there."

According to Okoye, he and his siblings thought of moving her to number of countries and eventually settled for India.

"So we thought of moving her to South Africa, India or the U.S for proper check up. We eventually took her to India about four weeks ago and we talked every one hour. The Indian doctors made sure to clean everywhere before the surgery and the operation was successful. Our sisters who were with her confirmed this to us and we were very happy to hear the good news. She was okay before the eventual death and for a day, one of my sisters was unconscious because she couldn't believe it."

As they prepared to travel to India to visit mummy, tragedy struck.
"We wanted to travel to India the following day she died (Thursday July 12) but we changed our plans. Her body arrived Lagos on Sunday July 15th. No concrete arrangement yet on the burial."

Prior to her death, late Mrs. Josephine Okoye was in her early 60s and was a cleric residing in Jos.
She is survived by 7 children, 4 grandchildren and her husband.

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