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PHOTOS; A French Footballer In Trouble For Stealing From A Nigerian Prostitute In Italy

Ousmane Dramé, a French footballer playing with Italian football club 'Lecce' on loan, has been charged with theft.  
It all happened on Sunday night when the football player went to Porta Rudiae and met with a Nigerian prostitute for sex. Dramé offered his Iphone worth €700 in exchange for sex which the prostitute accepted. After sex, Dramé snatched the prostitute purse along with the Iphone and fled with his bicycle.
More gist after the cut:

The Nigerian prostitute called her transgender friend for help, her friend was quick enough to stop the footballer, and a fight broke out between them which required the intervention of the police to stop the fight. Both the footballer and the prostitute were taken to the police station where the player was charged with theft. 
In a statement, the spokesman for Lecce football club said "If the facts were to be confirmed, the player will be excluded from all team activities, reserving the right to request the termination of his contract as a matter of urgency, and he will be sued for damaging the football club's image."

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