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Dbanj Fights His Manager Bankuli For Working With Kanye West After breaking up with Don Jazzy

Seun Bankuli is no longer D'Banj's manager. The pair got into a heated argument after D'Banj found out that Bankuli went to Paris after the Koko concert to work on Kanye West's next album without him knowing. Bankuli left for Paris after the Koko concert in December and his employer/artiste wasn't aware of his clandestine trip to Paris to drop adlibs on Kanye's next LP. When D'Banj found out, an argument ensued and went physical according to our source. 
Bankuli is also a vocalist and sound creator apart from being an A&R and artiste manager and developer. Bankuli's vocals can be heard on 'Lift Off' featuring Beyonce off the Watch The Throne album. He was credited for his vocalcontribution on the track co-produced by Don Jazzy. He also got additional vocals credit on 'Illest Mothadamna Alive' featured on the same album. 

From his timeline on Twitter, Bankuli was indeed in Paris during the new year. On January 20, 2013, Bankuli tweeted about the cold in Paris, France. 

This snow na die o life
— Bankulli(@bankulli) January 20, 2013

During his stay overseas, Bankuli hooked up with G.O.O.D Music producer Travis Scott who was signed to Kanye West's imprint last November.

Bankuli's social media profiles- Twitter, Instagram and Facebook- no longer have any DB Records information. His avatar on Twitter now features a logo of Bankuli Entertainment, his newly floated entertainment outfit. Bankuli started managing D'Banj after the Mo' Hits split.

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