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British soldier gives birth to boy on Afghan duty tour

A female British soldier serving in Afghanistan who had been apparently unaware that she was pregnant has given birth to a baby boy at a field hospital at the Camp Bastion in Helmand province.

The Royal Artillery gunner, whose identity was not released, was admitted to hospital after complaining of severe stomach pains. She gave birth to a baby boy, who was born prematurely after 34 weeks of pregnancy..
Doctors from Britain have been flown out to accompany her and the baby back on a Royal Air Force (RAF) flight to Britain. She fell pregnant before her six-month tour of duty began.
"This is a unique occurrence, but my team is well-rehearsed in the unexpected and they adapted brilliantly to the situation," said Lieutenant Colonel Andrea Lewis, commanding officer of the field hospital.
The field hospital at Camp Bastion, though more used to carrying out amputations and treating bullet wounds - counts among one of the best equipped with portable X-ray machines, an operating theatre and scanners.
"This has left us completely gobsmacked. You prepare yourself for dealing with war wounded at Bastion - not a mother giving birth to a baby. It is the talk of the camp," an unnamed military source told the Daily Mail.Author: 

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