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shock as Ghanaian Teenage Rapper Commits Suicide After being dumped by His Girlfriend

On 22nd november he updated his facebook status saying "Seeing the one you love love someone else is like having a dove in a love it soo much,you do everything to make sure its safe and happy but deep within it wants to fly away,soo nothin you do pleases it.....You jux gotto let it go,mourn it as if it was dead and let da pain it left you Go."

Gabe Small, an upcoming rapper from Tema ended his life yesterday in what is thought to be infidelity in his relationship. The 21 year old got very emotional when he found out his long time girlfriend had left him for another guy....

It thought Gabe had suicide thought so on sunday he went to chruch to clear his head and when it didnt help he ended his life. thoughts are with his family and this sad time

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