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How to Get Free Mp3 Downloads

Free mp3 download web sites allow music lovers to access or purchase a large variety of free mp3 downloads, songs and music videos online. Most of the early websites offering free mp3 downloads were illegal. However, after years of dominance by illegal sites offering free mp3 downloads and by peer to peer sharing applications that made free mp3 downloads easy, legal mp3 download services are rapidly becoming popular. I started my search for free mp3 downloads on google, some time ago.

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With a large number of legal free mp3 download sites emerging, it has become difficult to find out where to get the best deals and which mp3 download sites to trust.

Some of the most popular mp3 download software include WinMX, Ares Galaxy, iTunes, Morpheus, LimeWire, Kazaa, BearShare, Napster, Real Player Store, iMesh, MSN music, Yahoo music and even Walmart for (some) free mp3 downloads.

Most other mp3 download sites generally charge their customers either a fixed price for each mp3 music file that is downloaded or a monthly subscription fee for free mp3 downloads. In case a monthly fee is charged, the cost for each mp3 download track downloaded is generally lower than mp3 downloads on those sites which do not charge a subscription fee. Often the latest free mp3 music tracks are more than mp3 songs that have been released earlier. To encourage free mp3 music lovers to buy mp3 music songs in larger quantities, some online mp3 music stores offer progressive pricing which allow users to buy tracks at a cheaper rate if they increase the quantity of mp3 downloads they purchase. The number of mp3 downloads on these online mp3 stores range from about half a million on emusic to over a million and a half on itunes.

Free MP3 download online music stores also provide mp3 music reviews, allow users to request mp3 downloads and also offer gift certificates for purchase of music downloads. To encourage trials, sites such as emusic provide 25 or even 50 MP3 music download files free and charge as low as 25 cents per mp3 music downloaded after the trial period is over. Indulging in comparison shopping to find out which free mp3 download site is offering the greatest deal would be the best thing to do.

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